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How To Find The Ideal Wine Picnic Basket

By: John Denvert

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and the wine is sitting there waiting to be drunk. Now is the perfect time to head out and search for a wine picnic basket. There are loads of options out there, so to help make this process easier, here are a few tips.

To start with, take a moment to think about how bit it needs to be. If the carrier is only going to be used for dinner parties in the evening, one need not purchase a huge wicker basket. Rather take a look for small carriers that hold one, two, or even sometimes three bottles. These do not have to look like everyone else's though. To try and find unique ones, why not head to the local artist market and see what is available. Another option is to find some that are fair trade. There are a few that are made from palm rope and leaves, water reed, and leather garb. It is a great alternative option

Making sure the wine is safe and stylish at home might also be another thing to consider. If the party is at ones home, having a nice holder is also important. These can be made out of bamboo, wire, or some retro or vintage style. They can be a great way to start up conversations as well as add some character to the room.

Those that enjoy going out on a romantic couple outing may want to look for a smaller size carrier. Some of these will have enough room for a bottle, two glasses, a cheese knife, an opener, and plates for the cheese. It is small, compact, and carries all the necessities for a wonderful outing.

On the other hand, some may want to do a full picnic. These baskets may have a lid that divides into two, which is very convenient for the four goblets, the bottles, food, as well as the basic essentials. There may be a section that is insulated to keep the food and drink chill.

Now that the size is decided, design is next. The more tradition option is the wicker one which can be barrel shaped. This is always a safe option and reliable. But it is becoming more popular to upcycle older carriers. For those that enjoy the retro feel, go out and find some material and put in a new lining. This can be a cheaper and more fun option than going out and buying a new one that looks like everyone else's.

Wine backpacks are a great alternative to the baskets. This may be ideal for those cycling or hiking to the perfect spot. The front will fully zip down and can carry all the necessities for two people. Everything is secured into place and there is usually a section that is insulated and waterproof for the food and wine.

Going out with a nice wine picnic basket or bag can make the experience that much more enjoyable. Knowing that everything one needs is secure and included adds to the outing. There are so many options in sizes and designs, so figure out how big it needs to be and what design is ideal.

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