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Famed Stories Of Miracles From The Bible Which Everybody Has Heard Of

By: John Denvert

It is not surprising that the Bible is full of stories of miracles. There are ones in the old and new testaments that try to show importance of God's grace and his love for humanity. The bible is much more than just a collection of stories passed down through the ages. It also serves as a compelling reason for people to turn away from other religions and practice Christianity.

One of the better known stories is how Jesus exorcised legion from the man who was possessed. This man is often described as easily breaking any bonds people attempted to hold him with, screaming madly and running all through the hills. This simple tale demonstrates how the demon became afraid of Jesus who could dispel him with only a few simple words.

Another common story that was often told to illustrate the powerfulness of God and how easily he could smite those that chose to oppose his will are the ten plagues of Egypt. Generally there has been various theories regarding how they could have some how happened. Regardless what most skeptics choose to believe, there is a wealth of historical evidence which actually helps support that they really did happen.

One of the greater feats that Jesus performed that many magicians still try to duplicate now days is walking on top of water. This was before the time clear plastics or Plexiglas was made to help fool people. He told his twelve disciples that any thing was possible, then he casually walked the three miles over the Sea of Galilee and met them in the morning by their boat.

One of the epic bible tales is the quick crossing of the red sea that Moses and the Israelites made to escape from Egyptian armies. The true biblical story is slightly different than the more famous tale in the movies. The effect though, still ended the same. The murky waters parted and the Israelites passed through and the Egyptian armies behind them were quickly drowned.

One of the most incredible tales inside the bible is regarding Jesus bringing Lazarus back to life. He supposedly broke down and then wept not due to the death of Lazarus, but from everyones' lack of faith in God. This illustrated that even death held no dominion over Jesus and also served as a foreshadowing of his death and later resurrection.

The one miracle that was foretold from almost the beginning of the old testament was the resurrection. Many people really do not understand what this means. Jesus was to have actually died and spent 3 days in torment in hell. After the third day he willed himself back to life and ascended to heaven having paid the price for man's salvation.

While there are numerous stories of miracles within the Holy Bible there is just one that stands out the most. It is small so people generally never think of it. In the beginning of the bible as God speaks, let there be light. At this one moment every thing that ever will be made was made and that is the single greatest miracle of all.

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