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Examples Of Strange Happenings That Have Taken Place

By: John Denvert

There are some things that have happened and people are not sure of what caused whatever it is. This is considered to be a strange happening mainly because these are not things that people saw coming. Going back through time, there are records of several strange happenings that people have witnessed. Some of these are readily available in the internet and anybody is able to take a look.

In the Antarctic region pyramids have been discovered by a team of scientists whose members are from Europe and America. This was on 13th September 2012 and there is evidence of this with the tips of the pyramids showing through the melting ice. What makes this strange is that most people assumed that this place had very little inhabitants who had a lot to worry about while staying safe from the harsh weather. People also assume that it is only Egypt that had pyramids hence making this very strange.

Loud booms have been reported back in Union City by people who are too scared to go out. The cause of the booms is not fully known but people think that it might be due to aliens. The boom is described as loud enough to break down a door. It took several people for the authorities to take this matter seriously.

Some people have had encounters with children they describe as being black eyed. They are also pale skinned and have very odd mannerisms. What they ask of people is to be invited in which most people find rather strange. They often come to peoples windows, cars, and even boats. Most people think of these as demons, aliens or hybrids but no one is certain of what they really are.

Some fishermen also had their fair share of strange happening when they met a talking fish. At first they just thought that it was one of those ugly looking fish that they normally catch hence threw it down. After doing that the strangest thing happened; the fish talked that it was hurt. They described it as having features that are similar to human beings such as fingers and a head. It also had blue eyes which most people usually have.

Back in Egypt scientists are baffled after a 4000 year old statue just started rotating. No one has been able to explain how this is possible and there seems to be nothing powering the rotations. This is not something that people get to see every day.

Another strange thing that people have seen is what is considered to be the Montauk monster. It was washed up on shore and people are not able to determine what type of creature it is. People think that is a hybrid that came up as a result of lab experiments but nobody is certain about that.

Mother Nature is also a experiencing a happening that people find unusual. People find it strange that they no longer see butterflies or even hear crickets at night. In the morning birds no longer sing which brings the question; where did they go to? Most people are still unable to determine the cause of this but some try to.

Generally, strange happenings are many but these are some that people have called in to report. You should know that all these cannot fully be explained since they happen beyond the expectations of most people.

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