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E-Lottery: What Exactly Is It?

By: Gavin Evan

E-Lottery is a new lottery system. It is a very unique way of playing two major lotteries on a weekly basis, from the comfort of your own home. The E-Lottery syndicate system was founded in 2002. It presents a devised mathematical system that produces more regular cash wins than any other lottery syndicate today.

Since emerging on in 2002, E-Lottery has placed itself as the proven Internet-based provider to lead the governmental lottery industry into the e-commerce market. It utilizes the latest in Internet-based technologies to offer new and existing lottery products worldwide. By addressing many complex legal, e-Lottery has become the largest professional syndicate in the today’s lottery market.

Just by playing the UK National Lottery and the Euro Millions lottery, you can have a great advantage playing in a lottery syndicate rather than playing individually. As an e-Lottery member, you become eligible to join up to three e-Lottery syndicates: the UK National Lotto, the Euro Millions Lottery and the EL Gordo lottery. E-Lottery offers the opportunity to play the three biggest tax-free, lump sum global lotteries with a better chance of winning jackpot lottery cash.

You also get the Saturday lottery draw, results sent directly to your email. You also get access to past and latest lottery results on the e-Lottery website itself. Playing in an e-Lottery (49-member) syndicate, your lottery syndicate shovel the jackpot, would mean a 49th share of the prize money for every member in that syndicate.

The UK national lottery has been running since 1994 and yet has generated over £22 billion and has created over 2100 millionaires. After a few years of successfully running the lottery on a Saturday night it has also started to be apprehended on Wednesday and Saturday night. The jackpot still happens on Saturday night for the bigger jackpots, but rollovers occasionally generate jackpots over £10 million. Even though everybody knows that the chances of winning the UK lottery are very much low, but it doesn’t stop millions of people playing it every week in the hope of winning the jackpot and become a millionaire.

The UK national lottery syndicate from e-Lottery provides the chance to play the UK lottery with more chances of winning. Everyone knows that playing in a syndicate will give better probability of winning. The e-Lottery syndicate increases odds from one in 14 millions to just one in 1.9 million which is indeed a surprising difference in odds. With an e-Lottery syndicate you only have to match five numbers to win the jackpot. But in the EuroMillions e-Lottery syndicate you only need to match the five numbers and no lucky stars which increases the odds of winning by a factor of thirty-tree times.

E-lottery has now added a third international lottery to its program. You can also play in the Spanish lotteries, including El Gordo with e-Lottery. Spanish lotteries are held once in a month and every e-Lottery syndicate is guaranteed to win a prize in the Spanish monthly draws. This is done by guaranteeing that every syndicate has a decimal ending in every number one to nine, which means your syndicate will definitely win a prize.

Some strategies to gain a better chance of winning include making sure that you buy your tickets at the right time. Check the odds of the numbers you play which mean if the jackpot is ten times bigger then it would be fifty times harder to win. As a general rule, forget the power ball games and play the six from forty-nine games. Power ball games have big rollover jackpots because they have extremely tough odds. Switching from playing power ball to playing the standard game will typically increase your winning chances twenty times over. So play the game that's easier to win. You cannot pick numbers that are more likely to win, but you can pick those that are less likely to have been chosen by other players. Buy more tickets as well; this is the dumbest, easiest, and most obvious and yet most ignored tip. The math’s is actually simple, buy two tickets and you double your chance of winning. Buy ten tickets and, yes, you have ten times the chance. E-Lottery Syndicate facilitates you in buying more tickets at a reasonable price.
All in all, E-Lottery syndicate increases your winning chance in return of mere affiliation. There is virtually no better way to secure a lottery win – overcoming the odds – than by joining a viable syndicate like E-Lottery.

Information about the Author:

Gavin Evans is a professional internet marketer who lives in South Wales, UK. Uncover the full array of benefits of playing the EuroMillions with e-Lottery today. For further details about e-Lottery’s product range visit

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