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Domain Name – Get It Before You Start

By: Aftab Aslam

Choosing the right domain name can be critical to the success of your website and business flourishing. Your domain name should be a key to your web site. Most Internet users remember websites by their domain names; the rule of thumb is that when people think of your web site, they’ll think it by name. If your name is also your URL, they’ll automatically know where to go.

You should have a domain name, which sounds solid to the core values and ethics of your business. It should also reflect the personality of your target customer. Make the combination the words that are memorable and should not be confused. Try to register the identical name that your customers and visitors will associate with your Website. you have to keep in mind that people need to be able to remember it, and easily type it into their browser.

Here a question arises if one can not get the same domain name as per expecting website name. One may also add suffix to the name. This strategy may cause confusion. One might attempt to access a web site missing suffix.

Your domain name can also affect the anchor text of inbound links; and your ranking in search engines. So try to have a very much relevant domain name.

The other way is lookup with “whois” and have the domain owner information to motivate them to sell the domain name. The other option, that is followed commonly to purchase a domain name first and then naming your website the same as your domain posses.

Your brand name could be the first word visitors will type in search engines and it would be the easiest name for them to remember, so you should use your business name or brand name. For example use

How long should I make my domain name? Technically a domain can be up to 67 characters. But it is universally accepted that short names are better for a number of reasons. 1) They are Easier to remember. 2) They are less susceptible to mistake. 3) They are good for online or offline marketing. 4) They are visually pleasing.

Adverse to the above, advantages of long domain names cannot be ignored. Search engines explore it because of the Long domain name having the keywords to the web site.

A similar setback is whether to choose .com, .net etc. Many people not obtaining .com domain but they can have .net, .org or other country specific top level domain such as “de,” ”nu,” or “sg”. People get simply confused whether they should go with one of these available extensions or not.

If your website is aimed at people in a specific country, having a country-specific domain, visitors will recognize right away that the business has a presence in the country of the extension. They might comfortable to buy. Some country-specific search results include sites with the relevant country-specific domain extension even if the site isn't hosted in that country.

In spite of this, country specific domain could work against. Especially the case when you are promoting your business in international market. People from international market may be less inclined to buy if the business looks foreign to them.

How ever, for international visitor .net or .org or any other country specific extension works also well. Still this might others to mislead that you are promoting your brand to that particular country only.

A school of thought found that “.net” and “.org” are equally acceptable. Actually “.org” extension was intended for non-profit making organizations.

As far as I am concern, .com extension is for commercial web sites that have adopted all over the world and still the most sought after. In some circumstances we can use another domain extension like .info, intended for informational portals.

Thus there exist many good arguments for accepting other extension when you go with the need of a particular name and unable to get “.com” extension other extensions are equally acceptable.

Now let me reiterate the case in a glance that is “Get the name registered before naming your website.”

Information about the Author:

Aftab Aslam is a full time IT professional and has been in the business since 2002. He is a founder of EASTXS and author of several Science and Technology related articles. Visit for more details about the author.

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