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Developing affinity towards Allah (1)

By: Dr. Ismail Ulukus

Dear Readers,

Developing affinity towards Allah (swt) is without doubt the beginning of belief.

Imam-ı Rabbani Nibs orders that "when a person says 'Lailahe illallah' (There is no God, but Allah) in awareness of its meaning, a touch of belief comes to life in his heart " in a letter in his very valuable book "Mektubat".

This moment when a touch of belief comes to life in a man's heart is a very important and precious moment.

Just as the first time a drug addict uses drugs is the beginning of all the malice which will lead to his death and the unimaginable difficulties, this moment when a touch of belief emerges in this believerís heart is the first moment of all the goodness and kindness that will lead him to a real belief in his future life and open the door to an eternal happiness.

After the emergence of this touch of belief, light of faith starts shining in the heart. The light of belief is indeed nothing but the love and affection of Allah (swt).

Qur'an, the source of mercy, refers to a loss and escalation of belief. This meaning here is metaphorical. A person either believes or not. There is no middle ground. In other words, belief does not lessen or increase. In fact what lessens or increases is not the belief but the light of belief, in other words it is the closeness to Allah and love of Allah.

# The source of all goodness

This faith and love in the heart is the main source of all goodness and kindness as well as the affinity felt towards Allah.

This love for Allah and those who believes in and loves Him which develops after belief is the light of heart and the beginning of each kind of maturity and goodness.

After this light of belief starts shining in the heart, amazing differences happening this person's behaviors.

I compare this situation to that of a fan who has just started supporting a football team. Just as the heart of the fan is filled with love for the team captain, players and fans after he starts supporting the team, he watches all the matches of the team and follows all the news about the team, the heart of a person who starts believing is also filled with love and affection for Allah (swt), His prophets, scientists who are the inheritors of the prophets and all Muslims.
Everything changes after this belief and love come to life. The person tries to listen very carefully to everything that comes from his Lord and understand and assimilate them. He starts searching the truth of the hearsay.

After this light of belief starts shining in the heart, the doors of the heart become open to divine knowledge, recommendations, advices, and advances.

# Before and After Belief

Despite this person previously trying to change the subject and getting bored as if an ordinary thing was being mentioned, he now pays attention when Allah is referred to next to him, tries to be more respectful and well-behaved towards Him, now that he has a touch of belief.

Despite many exemplary incidents taking place around him and him not drawing a lesson from any of them previously, after belief, he starts evaluating them from a different point of view and taking credit for himself from them.

Despite of previously refusing to listen to any advice given to him on any subject and even getting angry with the people giving him the advice due to his own arrogance, after belief, he starts listening to those warnings and advices carefully.

There are numerous changes that take place before and after this light of belief starts shining in a human's heart.

In fact, the reason of these changes is about whether the person is dependent on his own desires and wishes or on the wishes of Allah.

After belief, a person starts respecting not only his own desires and wishes but also the wishes of Allah. Therefore, he is taught good manners of Allah. In other words, the "Rabb" (educator) attribute of Allah (swt) starts appearing in this person.

# Belief is the start of freedom

Dear Readers, this touch of belief is so important for a person that he accepts his Allah's Irada (will) by going beyond his ego and weak existence for the first time. Irada (Will) is an Arabic word and means wish. In other words, when a person says 'Lailahe illallah' by accepting its meaning, he starts giving away his self's never-ending wishes one by one and starts respecting Allah's will. They call this devotion. In other words, this touch of belief is the start of devotion for the person. In fact, it is not the start of devotion but the freedom and salvation off own desires and wishes that always bring shame on him everywhere. This devotion will save gradually him from his own ego; carry him to the peak of world of meaning, and be the basis for happiness in the world and eternity. People understand the importance and value of it better when they complete the salvation from their ego.

Dear Readers, this completed process is called Islam. Islam means to be devoted and committed to the will of Allah who is unique and has no partners or assistants, programs everything (this is called al-Qadar) and creates everything at the programmed time (this is called al-Qadaa), organizes and manages the things He created as He wishes. Will means wish. In brief, Islam means obeying the wishes of Almighty Allah.

As you see, even the person is dependent on his own mean wishes and desires before belief; he starts committing to the wishes and desires of The Creator after belief. Indeed, it doesn't mean that the person completely gives up his wishes. On the contrary, he still obeys these wishes and desires but now he tries to observe the limits Allah (swt) draws for him and tries not to overstep this limit.

(to be cont'd)

Information about the Author:

Dr. Ismail Ulukus is a former phytopathologist and researcher. He has various articles written on plant diseases. In these days, he has begun to write articles on moral values due to a moral degeneration growing up on all the world. He is publishing now these articles on his website, His address:

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