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Crucial Information That You Need Know Regarding The Truth About HOPCC

By: John Denvert

Religious institutions and especially churches have become a social medias top list of criticism. While some think it is wrong to judge churches, some say that the church deserves it because some religious leaders are no longer interested in spiritual matters but rather think of how they will enrich themselves by taking advantage of believers. Well, that being the case, it is good if people would find out the truth about HOPCC.

This church has been criticized not only for its mode of leadership but also the way it conducts its services. The people who have defected from the church have complained of so many outrageous things that they cannot be ignored anymore. They claim that they are required to give up all their worldly possessions before joining the church.

Leaving your daily routines like going to work in order to serve the church fully is part of the recommendations. This comes with strict instructions that you should not listen or talk to anyone about the church. They do this as a safety measure to avoid the believers from being enlightened by non believers that whatever they are doing is not Christian at all, and they might have joined a sect.

The church has got various branches that have also been accused of separating the young adults from their parents. They achieve this by posing warnings to the children to avoid their mothers and fathers since they will have negative effects on their lives. This ends up bringing chaos within the family setup which is not what God will want.

If you check on the churchs official site, you will see that they have upcoming open seminars for anyone who might be interested. You may be shocked to find out that most of the followers are the regular attendees. This is because most of them have quit their jobs and gone to the ministry full-time. They also give up all that they own and offer it to the leaders who advise them to do so.

The question is, is this a clever cover up for their plan to exploit unsuspecting people? Maybe they are aware that the law can only intrude so much without infringing on their freedom of association and worships and so they know that even if such people report them nothing can be done. Unless there is evidence of the crime they cannot be prosecuted and so they continue running their scams with no one stopping them.

On the other hand, the fact that there has not been any legal action against the church or civil lawsuits can point to the fact that the claims are false. These people who are attacking them may just be bitter because they did not get what they wanted from the church. No one can know for sure what happens there.

A church is and should remain a place of worship where we run away from our everyday norms to seek spiritual guidance and hope for a good future. Instead, some whom we trust have changed shepherds of the sheep to wolves that terrorize them. The church is supposed to be a place of worship and people go there to get hope and peace from an otherwise cruel world. If the church turns into a monster that feeds on the people that run there for cover, this can indeed be very sad.

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