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Creative Wedding Gift Ideas For Inspired Givers

By: John Denvert

A marriage ceremony is one of the most special events in life. Stand out from the crowd of presents the bride and groom will receive with one of these creative wedding gift ideas. As a bonus, when you use your creativity, you can put something really special together without having to spend lavishly to make an impression.

The combination of items you choose can be as important as the actual items themselves. If the happy couple are moving into a new home together, think about what you might want on your first night at a new house, surrounded by moving boxes and exhausted from all the work. The fixings and equipment to make a simple supper might be just what the pair need.

There's nothing unique about a bottle of champagne, a duo of glasses, and a few nice cheese to snack on. But, if you package it right, it's a great gift. Put those items together with a note suggesting the pair find time in the midst of the busy family parties of the wedding weekend to enjoy the bottle just the two of them, alone.

For one unique present, all you need is a camera, a simple blank book, and some help from family and friends. Carry a nice blank journal with you throughout the wedding, and ask guests to jot down their favorite memories of the reception or of the ceremony itself. Add in some photographs of the events, and you'll be able to give the happy couple a memory book that lasts as long as their love will.

Think about your skills, and what you are good at, and you'll probably come up with some great ideas for what to make the couple. If you're good with a hammer and nails, build them a small special piece of furniture that will look nice in their first home as a married couple. If you're a great baker, a weekly delivery of bread for a month will make their lives easier during the first days of marriage.

During the reception, gifts will be everywhere, but a few months down the road, there won't be presents left and right. Consider getting the happy couple a set of concert tickets or other passes for an event in the future. Most people wouldn't think of offering a gift that invites the couple to celebrate their love later, after the hubbub of the wedding has subsided.

Try to remember and pinpoint some particularly happy memories you have of spending time with the couple. If you've seen a band together, buy them the album. If you visited a location worth remembering, buy them a book about that place. Even a minor trinket can seem really special if it celebrates the bond you've shared as a friend or family member.

No matter what your final choice might be, there's one key element that can transform it from one of many gifts to a really special present. That item is the heartfelt note you write to accompany it. Express your love, your good wishes for the couple's union, and your feelings of hearty congratulation on the match. How you express yourself in writing can mean as much, or more, as the present it comes with.

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