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Constructing A Tree Sculpture From Scrap Metal Recycling Phoenix

By: John Denvert

Reduce reuse and recycle are significantly used as symbolism in maintaining a neat and green environment. But for now let us just talk about recycling. When we were still kids, we used to watch television shows that will teach us on how to art work pieces using papers, plastics and other recyclable materials. Of course they will teach us things that can be done by kids, but now since we are already at the right age, we can now start doing scrap metal recycling phoenix. This is why you will be working on making a tree sculpture with the use of scrap metals.

You do not have to worry about the expenses because all the tools and stuff you will need can just be acquired from you basement or attic. As said, we will just use scrap which means that you are not allowed to spend money and do nothing but to recycle. It is advisable to look for the copper wires because they are easy to manipulate but if you cannot find one then you can use the gauge wire.

Twelve wires in equal length is enough to create a miniature of the sculpture. But if you want your tree to be much taller and higher, then you have to increase the length of each strands. You will be needing pliers for some twisting and rhinestones for the leaves. And something that can be used as the base of the sculpture.

If you have not yet cut the wires, then you can start the project buy cutting them in same lengths with the pliers, just be careful with the sharp edges. The in each strand create a loop by bending it in half. And then twist it for about three to four times but avoid making the loop smaller. Make sure that the sizes of the loops are constant.

You also have to make sure that the loops is big enough to create another two section of loops and other smaller loops. Since there will be a lot of smaller loops, it is sure that you can there will be useless and so you have to cute them off. After that, you have to attach the strands together and twist them again to create the trunk of the tree.

To start making the branches, pull over at least four strand and twist them altogether for at least two to four turns. Then do the same thing to the other four. To make their heights varied, make twists in different numbers. If your tree has more wires, then pull over more but make sure that it can be divided by two.

Once you are already done with the twistings, then you can get the beads and then put them on the wires. In choosing the beads, have the assurance that it will fit to the strands. If your beads are smaller, then you can you can choose to attach them before you start the twisting of branches or in between. It is up to your imagination.

A tree sculpture is just one of the things you can do with an old gauge wire. You can even make your midget eiffel or osaka tower with it or even a ballerina and an angel. With your imagination you can create good things.

Scrap metal recycling phoenix is very easy. If you think that you cannot recycle some of the metals in your hows, then sell it into the junk shop so that it will be used to make new things. Take not, art can be helpful at all times and in all places.

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