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Basic Ideas On Glass And Window Cleaning

By: John Denvert

Window cleaning is an exercise that requires time and commitment. Due to this, many people avoid it until it is necessary. However, if you follow the simple steps given below this is will not be a hard task for you. Washing such important places will turn enjoyable and fulfilling.

Since the glass gets dirty over time, one should plan to have it cleaned regularly. It is important to collect the necessary materials for the task before you begin. This makes your work easier since you do not have to walk from one end to another, acquiring materials when work is in progress. Some useful tools for the job include squeegee, soap, bucket, scrapers, scrubbers, pieces of newspaper and some water.

When scrubbing the glass, it is important to use a clean scrubber. This can be achieved by constant rinsing of the same especially if washing many windows. This avoids the transfer of dirt from window to another which make your work messy. You should also take note on the direction of the sun to avoid working on a window with sunlight shining on it directly. Direct sunlight causes the washing solution to dry quickly thus streaking the glass.

The quality of squeegee you use highly determines the results. Its blade is replaceable and you should always maintain a sharp one. If it has been in use for a long while, you should change it because a nicked, sliced or round blade will not produce good results. When buying the squeegee, get a handful of blades to use in future.

Most squeegee have a handle long enough to allow you hold them at an angle when washing. When held in that way, the water can easily flow down without soiling the already clean parts. To avoid having a streaked glasses after you have worked on them, it is advisable to wash one side in horizontal strokes and use vertical ones for the other. By doing this, you can easily notice any part left with streaks and go over it immediately.

When scrubbing, use plenty of water to achieve good results. Water removes any loose dirt, but care should be taken to avoid flooding the house or room you are working in. If after using the scrubber you can still see some stains on the glass, it is advisable to use a scraper to remove them. The scraper has a metal blade that removes any tough marks. However, if you are not careful you may damage the glass. It is wise to acquire some experience on how to use the scraper beforehand.

After scraping off the tough marks, you can take another round scrubbing it and use the squeegee to dry the water. Your windows are not clean if you forget to wipe the water at the edges. The squeegee is too big to dry the edges so a piece of cloth should be used to do this. If the corners have some dirt, a soft toothbrush is used to clean then the cloth used to wipe the water.

This process makes the windows clean but does not give them a shiny finish. This can be achieved by the use of cotton diapers, clean cotton t-shirts or crumpled newspapers. Window cleaning is vital for general hygiene of your home. Avoid ignoring such an exercise till it is necessary. Use the above tips to make the task simple and enjoyable.

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